Table of contents

2.Supported GPS receiver
3.1.1Necessary components
3.2Compile / Install
3.3Settings for Linux
4.Read file
4.1Possible necessary settings
4.1.1Heart rate limits
4.1.2Other limits
4.1.3Device and file settings surface contour line serial port instead of USB port device files−files file type
4.2WMS Settings
4.2.1WMS URL name size count Server uses square pixels mode read advise read meters to longitude meters to latitude
4.2.2Image Coordinates left corner right corner
5.Display a map underneath a track
5.2"Raster Image" as a map
5.3Shape files
5.4PostGIS database
6.Export files
6.1Save heart rate data in a Polar-compatible format
6.2Save a track as GPX file
6.3Save a track as OSM file

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