Tilgungsplan is an amortization scheduler. It allows to calculate the maturity of a loan as well as calculating the installment. Additionally it finds out the effective interest.

Tilgungsplan was especially developed for comparing loans of austrian banks. Therefore the program is currently only available in german language.


Tilgungsplan was developed under Linux and needs KDE3. This gives the program a modern dialog, makes it easy to deal with the program. Beside this it was developed to be portable to every operating system that offers KDE3. This includes even Windows, if Cygwin was installed.

Tilgungsplan is open source! You can download the source from this machine, or via Subversion with the following commands:

# svn checkout https://tilgungsplan.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/tilgungsplan
# svn checkout https://tilgungsplan.googlecode.com/svn/trunk
# svn checkout svn://www.theosys.at/public/tilgungsplan/trunk

You can see the Repository also with your browser and download the files this way.

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