Open Source
Since theoplan is open source, you can install the software on your own machines. Beside this, you can help developping the application and adjust the application to your needs. Even if you don't participate in developping, you can be sure to use the program and it's latest version as long as you want, because the source code is free available.
Alternativly you still have the possibility to let theosys do the hosting for you. This has the following advantages:
No installation
You rent the software and don't have to think about the installation. The software runs on the servers of theosys.
No service management
theosys makes all the service management for you and garantees, that the software is always available to you. This is done in background and doesn't botter you at all.
Secure data transmitting
To garantee a secure data transmition, everything is encoded at the higest level your browser supports.

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