There are two possibilities to login to the theosport sport logger:

Anonymous as guest
Login with the username guest and the password guest. This allows you to see the sport activities of all sportsmen, who allowed that.
Login with the username demoen and the password demo. This is an account equal the one you will get if you send me an e-mail. Use it to play around with the program.
Get a real account
Simply click on the button below and follow the instructions. You can get at every time and at no cost an account. All you need is a valif email address.
Push button to login

Common information

theosport is a WEB application and communicates with you over a crypted line. This is supported by every modern browser. But it may be, that your Browser does not accept the certificate for any reason. In this case you can add the certificate manual:

Information for IE6 users

Deny Page

To avoid this popup window in future, you should install the certificate. To do that, click on Show certificate and then on install certificate.

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