Several sports
Currently you can select between the triathlon sports run, bike and swim.
Read in HRM files
theosport is able to read heart rate data in HRM−format. This format was developed by Polar and today it is a standard, supported by most of all pulse computer programs.
Read in TCX files
theosport is able to read in a training session completeley out of a TCX file (Garmin Training Center). This allows to display the track and show a map under it.
Training plan
You can create training plans for all your sports. In comparing the plans with the real training events, you will see if you're behind the plan or if you have done enough.
To estimate the personal performance, there are several reports. With them you may see whether you become better and how much.
You can manage the equipment you need for your sports. For example you will see how much kilometers you run with a shoe. This is important to know whether the attenuation of the shoe is still all right or not.
Training method
Manage the training methods for your sports. Add a training method to every training event and/or an entry into your training plan. This helps you to get the correct training and enables you to reach your targets.
Ways and segments
Manage the outdoor ways you train, and add them to your training plan. Manage the segments of the ways and add them to your training events. This makes you not only faster entering the made laps, but gives you valuable information about the training session.
There is a special column with articles about sport. The articles contains instructions and knowledge from admitted physicians about sport and your body.
Show it to your friends
You can allow everybody to see your sport logs. Tell it your friends and show them, how cool you are.

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